About the Program

The Role

Academic Associates assist the emergency department in ongoing research projects in an effort to bring greater precision to emergency medicine and improve the quality of care. Each research project focuses on a different aspect of patient care and may include clinical trials, patient and physician survey studies, observational cohort studies, and practice-pattern studies. This role consists of shifts in the emergency department of St. Luke’s and/or Roosevelt Hospital.

Academic Associates work in the emergency department with the clinical staff. Through a computerized patient organization system, Academic Associates identify patients who are potential study participants or whose presence generates a study opportunity. Once these patients are identified, the Academic Associate completes the patient consent process, executes survey questions, collects data from physicians and medical charts, and informs the physicians of the study applicability. Specific details of the job are explained in orientation sessions each semester.

There is no remuneration for the Academic Associate position. However, recommendation letters are available for Associates who show commitment and dedication to the program.

The Emergency Department

Academic Associates encounter patients in the emergency department from the moment they arrive. When not screening and enrolling patients, Associates are exposed to the daily life of emergency medicine by both interacting with patients and observing how doctors and nurses operate. All Associates also have access to the Trauma and Resuscitation Rooms.

The Commitment

The Academic Associates Program runs on an academic schedule. The commitment spans the length of a single academic term, which may be the fall, spring, or summer. Applications open 1-2 months before the start of each new semester to both returning and prospective research assistants. During the term, Associates are required to commit to two shifts per week, each of which spans four hours. We expect full attendance or significant efforts to cover all shifts that cannot be attended. Shifts run in set blocks of time from 8am-12pm, 12pm-4pm, 4pm-8pm, and 8pm-12am seven days per week. Shifts may be requested/assigned at St. Luke’s and/or Roosevelt Hospital, located at 114th Street and Amsterdam Avenue or 59th Street off Columbus Avenue, respectively. Back-to-back shifts may also be requested/assigned. Please note, that returning Academic Associates have priority in scheduling. Also, please be aware that you should be ready to commit to any shift that you indicate in the Shift Preference Form. The more shifts you indicate, the easier it will be to schedule you. We also require your attendance at a comprehensive orientation and bi-weekly training sessions that span the term. Dates for both are located on our homepage.

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