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This an excellent EM rotation. The rotation is very student friendly in terms of flexibility and adjusting your own schedule. I was able to go to a research presentation in a different city without sacrificing all my days off. I was always off my shift on time and got a 45 min break for lunch or dinner. Also, all the attendings I worked with were excellent. Almost every shift, you work 1:1 with an attending so you get special attention. The rotation is meant to help you learn rather than move patients around. If there is a procedure you want tona see, attendings are more than happy to follow your patients so you can get that educational experience. You are able to work at your own pace and there is no pressure to overwhelm yourself by following more patients than you can handle. In fact, most attendings actually prefer that you have fewer patients but learn as much as possible and thoroughly follow the patients you have. Another strong point is that the clerkship directors give you the original research articles that many rules and protocols are based off of (Ottawa ankle rules, head CT, asthma, CHF etc.). Overall, this was a great rotation to really “learn” EM and sharpen your skills.
-Akash B. Class of 2012, University of Utah, Future Resident in Emergency Medicine

My experience at St Luke’s as a student far exceeded any expectations I could have had for an emergency medicine rotation. I did 5 EM rotations as 4th year electives and St. Luke’s by far provided the best learning experience. The attendings and residents were all passionate about what they do and about sharing that knowledge with students. While I am pursuing a career in EM, I think that the rotation would be suited for those pursuing other specialties as well. My month encompassed a good mix of clinical experience, bed side teaching, simulations and workshops. I really enjoyed my month at St. Luke’s anddn would recommend this rotation without hesitation to future students.
-Daria F. Class of 2012, NYCOM, Future Resident in Emergency Medicine

The month at St. Luke’s/Roosevelt couldn’t have been better. From the first day I was encouraged to see patients independently, form a differential diagnoses, and create a plan. Attendings and residents offered teaching points on every case. The weekly didactics were fun, interesting, and informative. But most importantly, I felt welcome and had a great time with the residents, ER staff and attendings. This was my best month of fourth year.
-Sally B. Class of 2012, Sackler School of Medicine, Israel, Future Resident in Emergency Medicine

My one month emergency medicine rotation at St. Luke’s – Roosevelt was fantastic. The attendings and residents are extremely friendly and very willing to teach. Since the program has two sites, I was able to diagnose and treat a wide diversity of patients and disease processes. From the rare presentations of fibromuscular dysplasia to the common asthma exacerbation, you will get to see it all here!
-Neil K. Class of 2012, University of Texas, Future Resident in Emergency Medicine

Medical Student Program Directors

Jamie Edelstein, MD and Chen He, MD


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